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This journal is semi-friends only. All graphics and fanfic posts are public, and remain public. Everything else is locked. Please comment here if you'd like to add me as a friend. Comments are screened. If you want to keep tabs on my graphics and fics that is a good enough reason :) I am a nice person, don't worry. Just drop me a line.
Sierra - Red

90 Icons (Whedonverse, True Blood, Pride and Prejudice)

So, I know I haven't been on for a while, but I've been holding onto these for awhile. Apologies if some have been posted before. I just wanted to make sure to get them up :)

001-015 :: Angel the Series
016-036 :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
037-052 :: Dollhouse
053-054 :: Firefly
055-060 :: True Blood
061-078 :: House/Misc/Actresses
079-090 :: Pride and Prejudice (BBC)


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Anya - Does Not Approve


I retract my earlier statement about liking Buffy more. Maybe it's just season 7 Buffy I don't like...but I am watching "Selfless" and she just jumped on the whole "I've got to kill Anya" idea like a spider on a fly in two seconds flat. WTF? Spike gets a gazillion free passes, Willow gets a free pass, but she doesn't even consider trying to help Anya first, just goes after her with a sword. I'm sorry, but that is totally F'd up.

On a more positive note, I love how Willow tries so hard to help Anya. Between this ep and "Same Time, Same Place," I'm thinking it might be time for some femslash :P
Buffy - Chosen

I've been re-watching Buffy...

Here are some random observations.
  • I really, really hated watching Tara die. I feel like I got more attached to her this round and I dreaded her death scene :(
  • I still thought Angel and Buffy were boring.
  • I like Xander a bit more than  I used to.
  • I like Buffy more than I used to.
  • I really love season 4 Spike.
  • I really hate season 7 Spike. Especially in "Beneath You"... I was cringing a little.
  • I still adore Anya.
  • Giles is the greatest person ever.
Topher - Great

The Tragic Tale of Topher Brink

A meta discussion over at my blog, about Topher and why he illustrates the classic "tragic hero" archetype. I meant to write this for the Dollhouse essay contest, but things came up in real life, and I didn't finish in time. I figured I should post it somewhere!


Also, check out my snazzy new blog layout! It's practically got jazz hands.

Buffy - Chosen

Buffy Characters Meme (seriously the funnest meme ever)

Snagged from dontgetanyolder :)

Make a list of twelve of your favorite Buff characters in no particular order. Once you've made your list, click the cut to see the questions. But make your list first, or you might be tempted to cheat!

01 - Wesley
02 - Faith
03 - Giles
04 - Anya
05 - Willow
06 - Tara
07 - Cordelia
08 - Drusilla
09 - The Mayor
10 - Oz
11 - Angelus
12 - (Evil) Spike

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