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Memento - Wesley Drabble

Three words scrawled across faded green paper.

Looking at them now, he marvels how they don’t even seem to have come from his hand. There’s something desperate—and yet also carefree—about the way his name glides across the bill. His handwriting is usually more elegant and controlled.

He’d like to think that someone else wrote it, but he has long given up lying to himself. He’s long given up questioning the reason he will never throw it away—why it is folded neatly into a square, permanently stored in the third card slot of his now shabby leather wallet.

Faith - 5x5

Faithsley Drabble - The Hunt

Written for open_on_sunday  Takes place in season 3 of Buffy. Yes, I know that Faith is jail bait at this point: it's just Wes being all nervous around her. Nothing more :)


There is something purely animal about the way she pulls the vampire down to the ground and serves it her best right hook. Her style is messy, but with training she could be better than Buffy. There is passion in her movements—what she lacks in skill, she makes up for in enthusiasm.

The senseless beating goes on longer than needed. When she finally drives a stake through the vampire’s heart he lets out a sigh of relief. 

He jots something in his notebook, trying to ignore the way she looks as she stretches. 

He is a bad, bad man.  

Anya - Does Not Approve


NOT happy about the direction Dollhouse has taken. Will write up a review after I've watched the episodes again. Something went wrong with the signal and some scenes got messed up. But here are some of my initial thoughts under the cut. Warning for spoilers!

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Jeeves and Wooster


Thanks for all the V-gifts, everyone :) Makes a girl feel downright special! Not that I understand how to give them back or anything, LOL.